Zirconia-Chitosan Beads as Highly Efficient Adsorbent for Defluoridation of Water

Tandekar, Swati ; Sarvanan, D. ; JUGADE, RAVIN M


Zirconia modified chitosan beads (Zr-CTS) have been synthesized as adsorbent for fluoride ions from water bodies. The beads were characterized using FT-IR, SEM, EDX, TG-DTA and BET surface area analysis. Batch adsorption parameters were performed for defluoridation of water using the prepared composite. The pH point of zero charge was found to be 5.7. Maximum efficiency of the adsorbent was observed at pH 4.0, with adsorbent dose of 40 mg per 25 mL of 25 ppm fluoride solution and adsorption period of 45 minutes. Under these conditions, Zr-CTS was found to have an adsorption capacity of 52.63 mg/g in accordance with Freundlich adsorption isotherm. Thermodynamics parameters revealed that the process of adsorption was spontaneous, exothermic and leading to increase in entropy. The process followed pseudo-second-order kinetics model. The used material was regenerated using 5% NaCl solution and could be reused in multiple cycles adding greener dimension.


Chitosan; Zirconium; adsorption; defluoridation

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