Study of the physico-chemical properties of vancomycin hydrochloride for determining its potential applications in formulation development

Saini, Harjas ; Abbot, Vikrant ; Bisht, Gopal Singh; Sharma, Poonam


The study of physico-chemical properties of vancomycin hydrochloride is an important parameter in the pre–formulation analysis of a drug. Pre-formulation study provides important information for formulation design or support the need for molecular modification. The main objective of pre-formulation is to develop a stable and an effective drug, with a safe dosage. Therefore properties like specific conductivity, density, viscosity, velocity of sound and specific gravity are determined which further helps in determination of critical micelle concentration (CMC). Other thermodynamic parameters are calculated from CMC like change in entropy, enthalpy and Gibb’s free energy which indicated that formation of micelles is favourable and exothermic in nature. Along with this, thermo-acoustic parameters such as apparent molar volume and apparent molar compressibility have also been determined. These parameters revealed that electrostatic interactions were favourable at lower concentrations of vancomycin hydrochloride whereas hydrophobic interactions were dominant at higher concentrations. All these studies have proven useful in determining the types of interactions occurring in the system. Moreover, a stable concentration of vancomycin hydrochloride can also be determined which may aid in the topical formulation of this drug.


Thermodynamics, acoustic studies, formulation, micellization, interaction studies.

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