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Selective detection of fluoride and hydrogen sulfate anions by pyrimidine-based fluorescence chemosensor


Jali, Bigyan Ranjan; Thakur, Soumya R; Behura, R ; Behera, S ; Sayala, Rajesh B; Barick, Arun K; S, Ramakrishna D


The binding and sensing abilities of pyrimidine based fluorescence chemosensor L towards different anions such as F-, Cl-, Br-, I-, NO3-, ClO4-, H2PO4- and HSO4- have been examined by fluorescence spectroscopy in DMSO-H2O (7: 3, v/v). Upon successive addition of various anions to DMSO-H2O solutions of L; quenching in emission fluorescence is observed at 480 nm. Analysis of fluorescence emission changes suggested the formation of 1:1 complex of L with the anions. From the fluorescence binding constant data, it is found that L form strong complexes with F- and HSO4- ions through H-bonding interactions. The selective response of F- over other halides and HSO4- amongst other oxo-anions towards L may be explained on the basis of photo-induced electron transfer process.


Fluorescence sensor, Pyrimidine-based probe, Binding constant, Colour change, Photo-induced electron transfer

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