Synthesis, structural and physical properties of some rare-earth doped nickel chromites

Singh, Devinder ; Manhas, Ujwal ; Sharma, Narayan Dutt


A systematic investigation of structural, magnetic and transport properties of NiCr1.9R0.1O4 (R = Eu, Dy and Ho) has been undertaken. Rietveld analysis of powder X-ray diffraction data revealed that all the compounds crystallize in the cubic symmetry with space group having small volume fraction of orthorhombic phase RCrO3. Both a and V decreases with the substitution of heavier rare earth ion which is consistent with the decrease in ionic radius of rare earth ion. Temperature dependent magnetization studies showed that all our investigated compounds have negative value of Weiss constant (Θ) indicating the dominance of anti-ferromagnetic interactions in the samples. The phases are semi-conductors and the conduction mechanism was dominated by Arrhenius model in the high temperature paramagnetic semiconducting region.



Ceramic method, XRD, Magnetic properties, Electric transport properties

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