Studies on coordination environment of transition metal chloride anionic speciation of N, N-disulfodiisopropylammonium ionic salts and assessment of their Brönsted-Lewis acidic properties

Borah, Ruli


Four ionic salts of N, N-disulfodiisopropylammonium cation with complex anionic speciation of metal chlorides such as [FeCl4]-, [NiCl4]2-, [Zn2Cl6]2-/[Zn4Cl10]2-, [CoCl4]2-/[CoCl3]- were synthesized and characterized with FT-IR, NMR, TGA, Raman and electronic spectra. Comparative Brönsted acidic and Lewis acidic strength of the salts were assessed for catalytic uses in organic reactions via UV-Vis Hammett plot and FT-IR spectra using pyridine as probe molecule respectively. Band gap values obtained from Tauc plot present their semiconductor behavior to design ionic liquid based photo catalysts in future.


Brönsted-Lewis acidic, Chlorometallates, Anionic speciation, Transition metal cation, Ammonium cation

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