Guests mediated supramolecule-modified gold nanoparticles network for mimic enzyme application

Zhao, Jialin ; Niu, Zhijuan ; Huang, Xing ; Hu, Xiaojun ; Gao, Shouwei ; Koh, Kwangnak ; Chen, Hongxia


Supramolecules mediated porous metal nanostructures are meaningful materials because of their specific properties and wide range of applications. Here, we describe a general and simple strategy for building Au networks based on the guest-induced 3D assembly of Au nanoparticle (AuNPs). Coming host-guest interaction resolved sulfonatocalix[4]arene (pSC4)-modified AuNP aggregate. The diverse guest molecules induced different porous network structures resulting in their different oxidize ability toward glucose. Among three different kinds of guest, hexamethylenediamine-pSC4-AuNPs have high sensitivity, wide linear range and good stability. By surface characterization and calculating the electrochemical properties of the AuNPs networks modified glassy carbon electrodes, the giving AuNPs network reveals good porosity, high surface areas and increased conductance and electron transfer for the electrocatalysis. The synthesized AuNPs nano-structures afford fast transport of glucose and ensure contact with a larger reaction surface due to high surface area. The fabricated sensor provides a platform for developing a more stable and efficient glucose sensor based on supramolecules mediated AuNPs networks.


Au networks; nanoparticle assembly; para-sulfonatocalix[4]arene; Glucose sensing; Mimic enzyme

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