Photoluminescence properties of Eu3+-activated Y1.50Sc0.50O3 phosphors



In this research, Eu3+ activated and Dy3+-co-doped Y2O3 based phosphors have been synthesized by solid-state reaction method under open atmosphere. The host lattice is composed of 0.25 moles of Sc2O3 which is added to phosphor composition. Thus, Sc3+ substitution of Y3+ ions is implemented to form Y1.40Sc0.50O3 host lattice. The thermal analysis (DTA/TG) have been carried out from 50 °C to 1400 °C for preliminary examination of thermal behavior of phosphors during heat treatments. After the heating process, the phase formations are characterized by X-ray diffraction resulted as Y2O3 single phase cubic structure. The effects of Eu3+ and Dy3+ dopant ions on the photoluminescence and phase formation properties of the hosts are investigated and determined as Dy3+-co-doped phoshor has the reduced excitation/emission intensities as well as decay lifetimes.


Dysprosium ion (Dy3+), Europium ion (Eu3+), Photoluminescence, Scandium ion (Sc3+), Solid-state reaction method, Yttrium oxide (Y2O3)

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