Synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles - a general overview





Metal oxide nanoparticles (MONPs) are the most important class of nanoparticles regarding the volume of production and application potential in diversified fields. The research domain of MONPs is vastly expanding and rationally million of bytes are utilized to cover the literature each day around the globe. They can be synthesized in a variety of processes and the MONPs produced through different processes differ greatly regarding morphology, texture and functionality. Therefore fine tuning of process control in synthetic methodology is under extensive research along with relevant structures and properties so as to fit the need. Improvisations in synthetic procedures are always attempted and newer dimensions of applicability are being explored. The MONPs find extensive use in the field of optoelectronics, gas sensing, surface coating, biomedicine, fuel cells, catalysis and in so many fields. This review attempts solely to cover a general outline of the synthetic methods of production of MONPs.


MONPs, Top down synthesis, Bottom up synthesis, Green synthesis

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