Crystal structure of potassium hydrogen phthalate revisited

Srinivasan, Bikshandarkoil R; Dhuri, Sunder N; Narvekar, Kedar U


The present study provides new insight into the structure of potassium hydrogen phthalate 1. The single crystal X-ray structure of 1 consists of a crystallographically independent potassium cation and a unique hydrogen phthalate anion. The µ4-heptadentate binding mode of the unique hydrogen phthalate ligand organizes the K+ ions into a layer resulting in a two-dimensional (2D) coordination polymer. As a result parallel chains of face-sharing {KO7} polyhedra extending along c are formed. The parallel chains are flanked on either side by hydrogen phthalate wings and are interlinked by vertex sharing of three polyhedra to extend the connectivity along a axis. The structure of 1 is stabilised by π∙∙∙π stacking interactions. A comparative study of the structures of alkali metal hydrogen phthalates is described.


Potassium hydrogen phthalate, X-ray structure, µ4-Heptadentate binding, Two-dimensional, Coordination polymer

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