1D and 2D Cobalt(II) coordination polymers with dipicolinic acid ligands and photocatalytic CO2 reduction

Zhu, Han ; Xu, Quanqing ; Kou, Jun Feng ; Liu, Fengyi


1D and 2D cobalt(II) coordination polymers, [Co(2,3-dpc)(H2O)2]n (1), [Co(2,5-dpc)(H2O)3]n (2) and [Co(3,5-dpc)(H2O)2]n (3) (dpc = dipicolinic acid dianion) have been successfully synthesized by reaction of dipicolinic acid ligands with CoF2 in aqueous methanolic solution under hydrothermal conditions. High resolution mass spectroscopy investigation reveals the forming process of CO during the photocatalytic CO2 reduction and the plausible mechanisms are proposed.


Dipicolinic acid, Cobalt (II) coordination polymers, Photocatalytic CO2 reduction,  A plausible mechanism

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