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CT-DNA-binding and biological activity of mononuclear copper(II) complexes with imidazo-phenanthroline ligands

Nagababu, Penumaka ; Thulasiram, B ; Nagarkar, Jidnyasa ; Devi, C Shobha; Paul, Perala Sudheer; Reddy, Thatiparthi Byragi


Four imidazo-phenanthroline (IP) based ligands and its corresponding copper polypyridyl complexes have been prepared [Cu(L1-L4)2]2+ and characterized by various physicochemical techniques. Herein we are reporting the CT-DNA (calf-thymus DNA) binding & anti-cancer affinity of ligands (L1-L4) as well as complexes (C1-C4). The DNA binding affinity of synthesized C1-C4 has been carried out by using spectroscopic techniques like UV/visible, emission, molecular modeling and viscosity techniques. The obtained results are clearly indicating that all C1-C4 complexes bind to DNA via intercalative mode and they possess a significant cytotoxic effect toward selected cancer cell lines (MDA-MB-231, B16-F10, DU-145 and CHO-K1).


Cu(II) complexes, DNA-binding, Docking studies, Anti-cancer activity

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