Synthesis of cationic (CTAB-EDTA-CTAB/ CTAB-Glu-CTAB) and anionic (SDS-EDTA-SDS/ SDS-Glu-SDS) Gemini surfactants: Surface and anticorrosive properties

Kumar, Kuldeep ; Sharma, Priyanka ; Sharma, Saurabh


Gemini surfactants that served as environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors, have been successfully synthesized by the reaction of SDS/ CTAB with glucose/ EDTA as spacer. Their molecular structure is confirmed by 1H-NMR and FTIR spectroscopy. By tensiometric method, the surface activity of the synthesized Gemini surfactants has been determined in terms of various parameters like the critical micelle concentration, surface excess at the air/water interface, minimum area per surfactant molecule, surface pressure at CMC, changes of standard free energies of adsorption, micellization and transfer. The obtained Gemini surfactants having EDTA as a spacer, exhibit a considerably higher effectiveness against corrosion as compare to Gemini surfactants having glucose as spacer.


Anticorrosive property, Gemini surfactant, Spacer, Micellization, Thermodynamics

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