Synthesis and photoluminescence analysis of Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Sm3+ and Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Dy3+ phosphors

Öztürk, Esra


In this study, Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Sm3+ and Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Dy3+ have been synthesized by a solid state reaction method and their photoluminescence (PL) properties have been investigated. Single-phase and well-crystallized cubic Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Sm3+ and Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Dy3+ phosphors are obtained after calcinations at 800 ºC and 900 ºC for 6 h. X-ray diffraction patterns confirm that both phosphors have a cubic phase without secondary phase. According to scanning electron microscope results, the particle size of both phosphors exhibit relatively irregular and their particle size are determinated to be between 0.27 µm–0.70 µm and 0.25 µm–2.04 µm for Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Sm3+ and Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Dy3+, respectively. The PL excitation and emission spectra are recorded for both types of the phosphors. Emission spectra of Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Sm3+ and Y1.50Sc0.50O3:Dy3+ are found to be typical for Sm3+and Dy3+.


Y2O3, solid solutions, photoluminescence, dopants/doping

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