Application value of Co(II) coordination polymer in the treatment and operational nursing of hypothermia

Li, Sha ; Li, Ye ; Zhou, Fang-Yu


A novel coordination polymer, [Co3(OABDC)2(bipy)3 (H2O)6]n(CH3OH)n(H2O)4.5n (1), has been synthesised by hydrothermal method with the coordination of 4,4′-bipy ligand and 3,5-dicarboxyphenoxyacetic acid (H3OABDC) to cobalt(II) ions. The treatment and nursing application values of 1 on hypothermia in patients undergoing surgery has been examined, and the specific mechanism is explored. The application of the compound on the body temperature is measured with an in vitro infrared thermometer. Then, the relative expression of vascular α-receptors is determined by real-time RT-PCR. The toxicity and biocompatibility of the new compound is also determined.

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