Oxygen reduction reaction of manganese oxide/graphene oxide nanocomposite

Kamatchi, Pravinkumar ; Sivaramakrishnan, Balaji ; Thirumoolam, Mani Chandran ; Manikandan, Anandakumar ; Gurusamy, kumaraguruparan


MnO2/graphene oxide composite coating has been prepared by electrochemical anodic deposition method. Optimization of current density and deposition efficiency is reported. The formation of α-MnO2/graphene oxide nanocomposite is elucidated through X ray diffraction and infrared reflection measurements. Morphological studies reveal the increase in porosity and exfoliation of graphene oxide by MnO2 particles. The extent of oxygen reduction reaction occurring at the surface of MnO2/graphene oxide composite coating have been analyzed by cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in aqueous 1 M Li2SO4 solution. The composite coating is observed to possess better catalytic properties towards oxygen reduction.


Nanocomposites, Oxides, Graphene oxides, Oxygen reduction reaction, Manganese oxide

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