Assessing the effectiveness of different chiral and achiral phosphoric acids in presence of thiourea co-catalyst in co-operative organocatalytic stereoselective glycosylation reactions

Singh, Govind Pratap; Abirami, Raja ; Gurung, Anup


Organocatalytic glycosylation reactions were attempted with an aim to achieve stereoselectivity using chiral TRIP (Binol derived phosphoric acid) and achiral biphenyl phosphoric acids as catalyst and a thiourea derivative as co-catalyst, based on the transition model suggested by Schmidt group[1] during co-operative organocatalysis. Though the stereoselectivity as reported by the Schmidt was not observed, but it was found that the thiourea co-catalyst assisted the catalyst in making the reaction faster, especially in the cases where the catalyst was itself not a strong enough acid.



Chiral, achiral, thiourea, phosphoric, acids, glycosylation, organocatalysis

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