Enantioselective bioreduction of heptan-2-one and octan-2-one catalyzed by Daucus carota cells

Chanysheva, Aliya Rafaelevna; Zorin, Vladimir V


Synthesis of enantiomerically pure (2S)-(+)-heptan-2-ol and (2S)-(+)-octan-2-ol by bioreduction of heptan-2-one and octan-2-one using Daucus carota cells has been studied. Optimization of bioreduction conditions has been carried out in the presence of various exogenous reducing agents (ethanol, isopropanol, glucose). Conditions allowing to obtain (2S)-(+)-heptan-2-ol with 91% yield and optical purity 98% ee and (2S)-(+)-octan-2-ol in 95% yield and > 99% ee have been found.



Daucus carota, bioreduction, exogenous reducing agents, (2S)-(+)-heptan-2-ol, (2S)-(+)-octan-2-ol


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