Andrographolide undergoes modification after illumination by blue laser in the presence of sodium bicarbonate

Putra, Andrianopsyah Mas Jaya; Kurnia, Siti Rahmah ; Marjani, Fathimah Nurmajdina ; Ernawati, Teni ; Isnaeni, Isnaeni ; Lotulung, Puspa Dewi Narrij ; Sundowo, Andini ; Simanjuntak, Ernawati ; Megawati, Megawati ; Yanuar, Arry ; Chaidir, Chaidir ; Hanafi, Muhammad


Andrographolide is the marker compound of Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh), a herb that constitutes many traditional Asian remedies. In the present photochemical approach to modify its 12-en-14-hydroxyl moiety into 13-enone, a methanol solution of andrographolide has been illuminated with blue laser for 6 hours in the presence of sodium bicarbonate. After the illumination, it has been discovered that the 12-en-14-hydroxyl moiety undergoes modification into the 11-enone.



Andrographolide, modification, illumination, blue laser, sodium bicarbonate

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