CuI-NPs catalyzed mechanochemical-assisted N-Boc protection of organic amines

Kamanna, Kantharaju


A simple, solvent-free, faster and mechanochemical approach for the N-tert-butoxycarbonylation of amines catalyzed by copper iodide nanoparticles as a recyclable catalyst is described. The advantages of this method are simplicity, shorter reaction time (5–15 min), a cost-effective catalyst, and excellent product isolation (82-92%). N-Boc protection of various structurally diverse aliphatic, aromatic, and heterocyclic amines have been carried out with (Boc)2O with 10 mol% catalyst under pestle mortar grinding under solvent-free conditions. The catalyst possesses distinct advantages, ease of handling as well as removal, cleaner reactions, high activity, and environmentally benign. The final product has been characterised by various spectroscopic techniques.


Amine protection, CuI-NPs, nanocatalysis, mechanochemical, N-Boc protected amine

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