Synthesis, characterization and potent antimicrobial and antifungal activity of
2-substituted benzimidazole derivatives

Gupta, Chitra ; VERMA, ROHIT ; Singha, Sanjay ; Ganie, Ali Mohd; SINGH, P. K.


Benzimidazole is the heterocyclic compound formed by the fusion of benzene and imidazole ring. Benzimidazole analogs are of great significance because of their clinical application and biological activity. Benzimidazoles are considered as an optimistic class of bioactive heterocyclic compound that possesses a range of biological activities. We have synthesized five substituted Benzimidazole derivative using on both microwave irradiation and conventional heating method. The newly synthesized compounds are characterized by IR, NMR and Mass spectra analysis. In the present study, we have reported the synthesis, spectral studies and biological evaluation of some benzimidazole derivatives. Benzimidazole play important role in medical field with so many pharmacological activities such as antimicrobial, anti bacterial, etc. The potency of this clinically useful drug in treatment in microbial action and other activities has encouraged the development of some more potent and significant compounds.



Benzimidazole synthesis, benzimidazole derivatives, antimicrobial activity, antifungal activity


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