Composition of a new chemotype of Senecio chrysanthemoides DC.


Bisht, Balam Singh; Bisht, Balam S


1,10β-epoxy-6-oxo-furanoeremophilane 1 (21.8%) along
with furanoligularenone 2, germacrene D 3, selin-11-en-4α-ol
4 and caryophyllene oxide 5 have been identified in
Senecio chrysanthemoides DC. of the Garhwal region of Himalaya at an altitude of 3600 m. 1,10β-epoxy-6-oxo-furanoeremophilane 1 has not been reported in Senecio chrysanthemoides DC. but reported in the other species
of the genus Senecio. Presence of compounds 1-5 and absence of previously reported β-thujone and 6-hydroxy-p-menth-4(5)-en-3-one makes it a new chemotype within the genus Senecio.



Senecio chrysanthemoides, Asteraceae, 1,10β-epoxy-6-oxo-furanoeremophilane, furanoligularenone

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