A convenient synthesis and biological activities of N-(pyridin-3-ylmethylene) benzohydrazides by the condensation of nicotinaldehydes with benzohydrazides


Bhimapaka, China Raju ; Anusha, D ; Praveena, G ; Prakasham, R S ; Zehra, A ; Tiwari, A K


Series of N'-(pyridine-3-ylmethylene)benzohydrazides 3a-y have been prepared by the condensation of nicotinaldehydes 1a-e with benzohydrazides 2a-e in the presence of glacial AcOH in ethanol at room temperature. Total twenty five compounds have been prepared and confirmed based on spectral data. The compounds have been evaluated for anti-microbial, free radical scavenging (DPPH, ABTS.+) and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities. Compound 3h has shown potent anti-fungal activity. Compounds 3f-g and 3j have shown potent ABTS.+ free radical scavenging activity. Compound 3d has shown potent anti-hyperglycemic activity.



N'-Pyridinylmethylenebenzohydrazides, nicotinaldehydes, benzohydrazides, anti-microbial activity, anti-hyperglycemic activity

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