An effortless microwave synthesis of N-(aryl) substituted benzamides under solvent free conditions

Rao, Sri Latha ; M, Veerabhadraswamy ; Molkere, Bhimashankar B


Benzamides and substituted benzamides are versatile compounds used in a range of pharmacological and biological active intermediate chemicals for conversion to fine chemicals. The current syntheses protocols are chemical and energy intensive. Herein is present an effortless solvent free microwave assisted synthesis of twenty N-(aryl)-substituted benzamides having good to excellent yields with short reaction time, high selectivity and occurring under milder conditions with high atom efficiency. The structures of the prepared compounds have been confirmed using melting point, FT-IR, 1H and 13C NMR spectral data which are in good agreement with the previously reported literature. Unlike conventional methods, the present novel process protocol offers cleaner, greener technologies in which effluent streams are minimized.


Anilines, acid chlorides, microwave irradiation, benzamides, characterization

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