Benzothiazole analogues and their biological aspects: A Review


Popli, Jyoti V; Kumbhare, Manoj R; Surana, Ajay R; Bhalerao, Mrunal R; Agrawal, Pranay A


Heterocyclic compounds analogues have attracted strong interest in medicinal chemistry due to their pharmacological properties. Benzothiazole belongs to the heterocyclic class of bicyclic compounds. It is a combination of two rings six membered and five membered and both the rings are responsible for the therapeutic activity. Different methods are used to synthesize benzothiazole compounds and have been found to have numerous biological activities like – anticancer, antimicrobial,
anti-inflammatory, anti-leishmanial, antidiabetic activity. This review is mainly an attempt to present the work reported in literature on pharmacological activity of benzothiazole compounds.


Heterocyclic, antimicrobial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory

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