Tar cracking of rice husk in biomass gasifier: Reactor design and experimentation

Khonde, Ruta Dhanram; Chaurasia, Ashish Subhash


A two-stage fixed-bed biomass gasifier had been constructed with separate chambers for pyrolysis and gasification of biomass for formation of low tar producer gas. Two-stage gasifier has been experimented to study the effect of operating parameters such as temperature and residence of volatiles in the reactor on conversion of tar and formation of producer gas. Kinetic investigation reveals that optimum parameters for primary and secondary products using single reaction model are comparable with the reported literature. Effect of gasifying agents on composition of gas released from reactor has been studied using gas chromatography and further experiments are performed with air as it yield more combustible gases (about 63%) as compared to other gasification medium.


Decomposition; Gasification; Gasifying agent; Kinetics; Pyrolysis

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