Nano Fe(OH)3/zeolite as a novel, green and recyclable adsorbent for efficient removal of toxic phosphate from water

Mikhak, Azadeh ; Kassaee, Mohammad Zaman ; Sohrabi, Akbar ; Feizian, Mohammad


Magnetic Fe(OH)3 is dispersed and stabilized over zeolite, giving rise to nano Fe(OH)3/zeolite, which is used as an efficient, recyclable absorbent for phosphate removal from water. Phosphate removal is insensitive to the ionic concentration, yet is directly proportional with the concentration of the adsorbent, and is inversely proportional with the initial phosphate concentration and pH. The coexisting nitrate and bicarbonate anions have no significant influence on phosphate adsorption, while the presence of citrate or silicate decreases such adsorption. In contrast, the presence of acetate increases the phosphate removal. Kinetic data are well fitted in the pseudo-second-order model. High phosphate uptake capability and good reusability make Fe(OH)3/Zeolite a potentially attractive adsorbent for the removal of toxic phosphate from water. Evidently this type of work is a step forward for large scale elimination of undesired contaminants from water which may benefit the world community.


Phosphate; Zeolite; Water treatment; Nano iron hydroxide; Adsorption; Contaminant

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