A simplified computational model for hydrodynamic studies on dilute phase pneumatic transport in vertical riser

krishnan, Anandha


A simple theoretical model has been developed to analyze the hydrodynamics of gas flow laden with low concentration of particulate solids through the vertical riser. The model has been systematically developed following the flow dynamics similar to the work of Dhodapkar et al. resulting in an algebraic equation of differential height as a function of differential particle velocity. The individual pressure drop components have been also expressed as a function of differential particle velocity. Based on the said model, one FORTRAN simulation program has been developed to estimate the various parameters like static pressure drop, gas and particle velocities and particle Reynolds number profiles along the vertical riser by integration. The theoretical pressure drop data has been compared with the experimental data of earlier experiments conducted by Dzido et al. and also Sarkar to validate the model and the deviations have been also analyzed. Deviation of the experimental static pressure data from the estimated values near the solid entry point has been justified and the proposed model has been verified after minor adjustment. The various hydrodynamic parameters computed by the simulation program have been also analyzed.


Vertical riser; Flow dynamics; Pressure loss; Particulate solids; Simulation

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