Removal of reactive dye using novel low cost activated carbon obtained from Prunus × yedoensis leaf by chemical activation

Manikandan, Velu ; Velmurugan, Palanivel ; Lovanh, Nanh ; Jayanthi, Palaniyappan ; Park, Yool Jin; Cho, Min ; Oh, Byung Taek


The eco-friendly production of activated carbon from Prunus× yedoensis tree leaf (PYTL) for the removal of Remazol brilliant violet-5R reactive (RBV) dye was studied for the first time. This carbon was obtained by the chemical carbonization using concentrated H2SO4 in a ratio of 2:1 (H2SO4 : PYTL, v/w) followed by drying at 150 ºC for 24 h. The RBV treated and untreated carbon was characterized using HR-FESEM, EDS, XRD, FTIR, and BET analysis. The PYTL carbon was found to be 100 mg/L, maximum removal of 10 ppm, in the time frame 60 min and the desorption 20 mg/L.


Biomaterials; Carbon material; Prunus×yedoensis; Characterization; Adsorption; Remazol brilliant violet-5R

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