Study on the adsorption characteristics of aqueous caffeine solutions on macroporous resins with hydrogen-bonding interactions

Zhao, Qingsheng ; Yin, Jinhua ; Wang, Xu ; Du, Deqing ; Ye, Qingguo


The adsorption characteristics of caffeine on six macroporous resins have been investigated. The results show that the resin with hydroxyl groups (XDA-200) offer better adsorption/ desorption capacity than other resins, and its adsorption kinetics fit a pseudo- second-order model. The adsorption process is a type of fast adsorption, and multiple adsorption mechanisms controlled the rate of adsorption. The isothermal equilibrium curve of caffeine adsorbed onto XDA-200 show a good fit to the Freundlich model, and thermodynamics tests show that the process is exothermic and spontaneous. The absolute value of enthalpy is 14.347 kJ/mol, which is in the range of the adsorption enthalpy related to hydrogen-bonding interactions. XPS and FTIR analyses also verify the existence of hydrogen-bonding interactions.


Macroporous resin; Caffeine; Adsorption isotherm; Adsorption kinetics; Hydrogen-bonding interaction

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