Efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction by visible-light responsive Fe-doped WO3 nanostructures

torabi merajin, maryam ; nasiri, mohammad ; Abedini, Ebrahim ; Sharifnia, Shahram


The nanoparticles of WO3 doped with Fe ions have been employed for University, Kermanshah photocatalytic conversion of greenhouse gaseous of CO2 and CH4 under visible-light irradiation. The photocatalysts have been characterized by XRD, FESEM, EDX, Raman, UV-vis, and PL techniques. The XRD and Raman spectroscopies confirm the monoclinic structure of WO3 nanoparticles and also the successful incorporation of Fe ions into WO3 lattice. A red shift in Raman patterns of Fe-doped WO3 samples indicate the partial substitution of W with Fe ions and the structural defects induced in WO3 crystals upon doping treatment. The recorded PL signals reveal that the charge carrier recombination rate can be inhibited by doping WO3 with Fe ions. The modified samples show high activity by photons with wavelength equal to/greater than ~500 nm, the visible-light in green region. The best photocatalytic reduction of CO2 is provided to be 38.7% by WO3 containing 4.18 at.% Fe under visible-light. Ethane, and formate and acetate derivatives are detected as the major products of CO2 reduction.


Greenhouse gases; Nanoparticle; CO2 reduction; Fe-doped WO3; Visible-light

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