Role of Al2O3 nano additive in GSOBiodiesel on the working characteristics of a CI engine

Karthikeyan, sathasivam ; Elango, Arumugam ; Silaimani, SM ; Prathima, Arunothayam


The role of combustion, performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine using when alumina oxide nano additive blended with grape seed methyl ester (GSOME) as a fuel has been studied. Biodiesels are produced from grape seed oil by transesterification process. The fuel properties of D80B20 (80% Diesel + 20% GSOME), D80B20Al2O350 (80% Diesel + 20% GSOME + 50ppm Al2O3 nano particles) and D80B20 Al2O3100 (80% Diesel + 20% GSOME + 100ppm Al2O3 nano particles) have been studied and compared according to ASTM standard test methods for biodiesel. The acquired data are studied for various parameters, such as brake power, breakthermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption, exhaust gas temperature, and exhaust emission of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen gases.


Grape seed oil;  Methyl Ester; Ultrasonicator; Alumina Oxide Nanoparticles;

Combustion; Emission

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