Heterogeneous solar photo-Fenton treatment of industrial wastewater via δ-FeOOH

Silva Martínez, Susana


The wastewater from the textile industry has been treated with heterogeneous solar photo-Fenton using iron oxyhydroxides (δ-FeOOH and FeOOH)nanoparticles. δ-FeOOH and FeOOH catalysts have been prepared, respectively, from ferrous and ferric ions as precursor species using an easy and low-cost method. The FeOOH catalyst exhibits slightly higher catalytic activity than δ-FeOOH in the heterogeneous solar photo-Fenton process but is less stable. The oxidation efficiency of basic blue 9 and acid green 50, analytical textile dyes, is compared to that of wastewater dye. The as-prepared catalysts are highly efficient for the wastewater treatment and the synthetic solutions prepared from the analytical textile dyes. High mineralization (over 90%) of the organic components of wastewater was achieved at 5 h of solar photo-Fenton treatment.


FeOOH catalyst; Heterogeneous solar photo-Fenton; Real wastewater treatment; Textile dye wastewater

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