Silver nanoparticles treated activated carbon as effective sorbent for the removal of acid Red 1 dye from aqueous media: Kinetic and equilibrium studies

Almeelbi, Talal B; Ewais, Hassan Amroun


Silver nanoparticles (AgNPLs) impregnated onto activated carbon (AC) as an effective solid adsorbent has been used for the uptake of acid red 1 (AR) from aqueous solution. In acid medium at pH ≤ 4.0, the removal of AR is found favourable than at pH ≥ 4.0. The data approve well with Fruendlich model and pseudo second-order kinetic. Adsorption capacity calculated from Langmuir is 107.5 mg/g. Thermodynamic activation parameters suggest endothermic and spontaneous process. Silver nanoparticles enhanced uptake of AR by AC. The liquid-film and intra-particle diffusion types examined the adsorption mechanism. Removal of AR from AC-AgNPLs surface carried out to illustrate the recapture of the adsorbent and adsorbate for the economic value of the remediation system. The solid phase extractor is excellent recovered for six consecutive sorption–adsorption round elucidate its rise reused.


Acid red 1; Activated carbon; AgNPLs; Adsorption; Kinetics models

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