Renewable and sustainable fuel production from woody biomass

Yaliwal, Virupaxappa S


Bioethanol has been produced from woody biomass (Neem wood saw dust) and the work has been extended to check the feasibility of Honge oil methyl ester (HOME)-bioethanol blends. Based on the experimental results, 11.8 g/L glucose is obtained with H2SO4 acid hydrolysis at 120°C reaction temperature, 2% H2SO4 concentration and 120 min reaction time for pretreated biomass. The results for batch fermentation show that pH 4.5, temperature 30°C and incubation period of 72 h are found to be favourable for producing maximum bioethanol. Based on the results obtained on HOME-Bioethanol blends, bioethanol from woody biomass has been found to be feasible to use in blend form.


Bio-ethanol; Woody biomass; Honge oil methyl ester; Sacchromyces cerevasiae; Honge oil methyl ester-bioethanol blends

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