Model-based analysis of the effect of temperature in biological wastewater treatment plants for simultaneous removal of organic matter, nitrogen, and phosphorous

Sheik, Abdul Gaffar; Seepana, Muralimohan ; Ambati, Seshagiri Rao


The effect of temperature on the phosphorous, nitrogen, and organic matter removal in an activated sludge system(ASS) has been assessed in this research. Benchmark Simulation Model No.1 (BSM1-P) with an ASS (ASM3bioP) is used and the temperature is chosen between 10 to 35°C. The kinetic expressions for the maximum growth rate of heterotrophic biomass, autotrophic, and phosphate accumulating organisms and their decay rates are considered. Total ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorous in the effluent are analysed and when the range of temperature is less than 15°C and greater than 30°C, the effluent quality deviates from the legal requirements.


ASM3bioP system; Autotrophic activities; BSM1-P model; Effluent quality; Heterotrophic; Temperature co-efficient

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