Study of corrosion, crystal structure and magnetic properties on OL52 and OL52.4 steels in different seawaters

Elena Ionela, Neacsu ; cristina, Donath ; Yanushkevich, Kazimir ; Yanushkevich, Kazimir ; Zhivulka, Aliona ; Zhivulka, Aliona ; Demidenko, Olga ; Demidenko, Olga ; Virgil, constantin ; Popescu, Ana Maria ; Popescu, Ana Maria


The corrosion of OL 52 and OL52.4 steels exposed to seawaters (Black, Aegean and Mediterranean Sea) has been investigated by weight loss method and the corresponding corrosion rates in the three sea waters are calculated. Before and after immersion in the corrosive medium micrographic images are obtained. XRD and ponderomotive methods have been used to determine the influence of the seawaters corrosion processes on the structure and magnetization of the studied steels. Obtained results show that both OL52 and OL52.4 steels have good corrosion resistance in the studied seawaters.


Corrosion alloy; Magnetization; Micrography; Seawaters; Weight loss measurement; XRD

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