Adsorptive column studies for removal of Reactive Blue 4 dye using dry cells of Rhizopus oryzae (MTCC 262)

Adhikari (Nee Pramanik), Sunita


The biosorption potential of dry biomass of Rhizopus oryzae (MTCC 262) in removing a textile dye Reactive Blue 4 from dye contaminated wastewater using up-flow packed-bed column reactor has been studied. The impact of operating parameters like flow rate of dye solution, bed height of column and concentration of dye in the feed solution on the removal potential has also been studied. The Adam-Bohart Model, Yoon-Nelson Model and Thomas model are used for the analysis of experimental data. Dye removal of 71.81% is obtained using dry biomass at flow rate of 2 mL min-1of dye solution, bed height of 15 cm and influent dye concentration of 200 mg L-1. Adsorbed dye can be successfully recovered from dry R.oryzae (MTCC 262) biomass of packed bed column reactor by running 1 (N) NaOH solution. Results demonstratesignificant reduction in Reactive Blue 4 concentration after the biosorption process.


Biosorption; Isotherm models; Packed bed column; Reactive Blue 4; Rhizopus oryzae (MTCC 262)

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