Analysis of Cu - water nanofluid flow with different particle shapes over an isothermal moving plate

Chaudhary, Santosh


Contribution of Cu (copper) nanoparticle shapes in base fluid – water on nanofluid flow over a moving plate has been scrutinized. Five classic models of nanoparticle shapes (sphere, cube, triangular pyramid, cylinder, lamina) have been taken into account. Employing similarity transformation, basic boundary layer controlling equations have been reduced to a set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Solutions have been attained numerically for them by executing the MATLAB’s boundary layer problem solver (bvp4c). Outcomes have, then, been applied to compare the influence of pertinent parameters on velocity and temperature graphically, while, the impact on shear stress and heat flux have been compared in tables. Moving parameter, sphericity and shape of Cu nanoparticles have been the significant controlling parameters.


Moving plate; Nanofluid; Cu nanoparticle shapes

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