CFD simulation for hydrodynamic behaviour of fine particles in a fluidized bed

Sahoo, Pranati ; Sahoo, Abanti


The fluidization characteristics of fine particles i.e. Geldart–C and A particles are studied in a cylindrical fluidized column. The effects of different system parameters (viz. static bed height, particle density, size of particle, speed of promoter and superficial velocity of the fluidizing medium) on bed dynamics are analyzed. CFD simulation is carried out for the hydrodynamic behaviour of fine powders. The values of these bed dynamics obtained through CFD simulation are compared against the respective experimental values. The comparison results show very good agreement between the experimental and simulated results thereby indicating the possibility of smooth or proper fluidization for fine particles. Thus these findings will be helpful in designing a good fluidized bed reactor for fine particle system can optimize the processes very well.


CFD simulation; Eulerian-Eulerian approach; Fine particles; Fluidization; Hydrodynamic studies

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