Optimization of microbial hydrogen production using statistical experimental design from maize stalk by isolated strain

Samson, Sonia Kudanthayil; R, Manikkandan T; R, Dhanasekar


Experimental designs have been applied for optimizing the process parameters for hydrogen production from maize stalk hydrolyzate by a newly isolated facultative strain. Using Plackett-Burman design glucose, yeast extract, malt extract, peptone, and NaCl have been identified as significant variables influencing hydrogen production and these variables are subsequently optimized using a central composite design (CCD). Box-Behnken design has been adopted for optimizing the process parameters for maximum hydrogen production. Using this statistical optimization method a maximum hydrogen yield of 0.91 mol H2/mol glucose has been achieved.


Hydrogen production; Facultative strain; Hydrolysate; Maize stalk; Statistical experimental design

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