Epoxidation of soybean oil by insitu formation of peracid in the presence of zeolites

Rana, Paresh H


The catalytic epoxidation of soybean oil with hydrogen peroxide as oxidant has been accomplished using HZSM-5-, HYand Hß- zeolite catalysts. The prepared catalysts are characterized by XRD, FTIR, and BET surface area. The catalytic epoxidation of soybean oil is studied as a function of time. The results show that all three catalysts exhibit higher conversion and selectivity of epoxidized soybean oil. Optimized protocol provides 85 %, 83 % and 70.55 %, conversion, selectivity and yield, respectively with HZSM-5 catalyst. The reaction occurs inside the pores of the zeolite framework via insitu formation of performic acid which further catalyzed by acid sites.


Epoxidation; Heterogeneous catalysts; Soybean oil; Zeolite

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