Pine oil and glycerol ketal as components of B10 fuel blends

Mamedov, Ibrahim


The main exploitation fuel properties of the B10 blends in the presence (or absence) of glycerol ketal and pine oil additivities have been examined and studied by the ASTM standards. Methanol (or ethanol) biodiesel has been obtained by the transesterification reaction of sunflower oil in the presence of potassium hydroxide. The conversion is 91 and 96% using 1:3 molar ratio of oil to alcohols at 65 and 75°C respectively. The results obtained are demonstrated that the investigated B10 fuel blends with oxygenated compounds have greater potential for diesel engines than, B100 and fossil diesel. The oxidation properties of B10 fuel blends are estimated using NMR spectroscopy. İn the presented workit can be concluded that glycerol ketal and pine oil can be successfully used in diesel fuels as antioxidant additivity.


Biofuel; B10 blends; Glycerol; Pine oil; Transesterification

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