Analysis of emissions trapped on energy balance variables for spark-ignition engine modifying a commercial diesel engine

Dr, VelmuruganX


Several approaches in the context of a high-compression-ratio, spark-ignition engine made by modifying a commercial diesel engine have been examined. The accuracy of calculating the equivalency ratio from exhaust gas analysis and determining the commencement of combustion from the mass fraction burned has been tested. The effect of trapped mass on the energy balance inside the cylinder has been studied. This study evaluates the estimation of the relative dosing from the emission composition as a verification criterion for the calculation of this parameter from the air and fuel flows, and the effect of the residual mass on the mass of the fuel is also analysed.The results suggest that the approaches for determining equivalency ratio, starting combustion, and trapped are useful tools for assessing data quality and investigating sparkignition engines with high compression ratios.


Equivalence ratio; High compression ratio; Residual mass; Spark-ignition engines

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