Functionalization of fullerene with 4-benzo-9-crown-3 ether

kiani, maryam


Functionalization of fullerene via covalent addition of substituted 4-benzo-9-crown-3 ether diazonium salt has been described. This procedure is used for the preparation of new derivative fullerenes which is described as a phase transfer catalyst. The covalent grafting has led to a considerable increment in the solubility of fullerene in organic solvents such as, CH2Cl2, acetone and ethanol. The covalent grafting of crown ether (4-(benzo-9-crown-3)) to fullerene (Fullerene-CE) has been identified and confirmed by IR, H-NMR, 7Li-NMR and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) methods. Fullerene-CE in solvents has been used as a phase transfer catalyst for organic reactions. The Fullerene-CE is capable to become the Li+ host.


Covalent grafting; Crown ether; Fullerene; Functionalization; Phase transfer catalyst

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