QbD-based optimization of guar gum suspension medium for optimum pourability and sedimentation volume

Nagpal, Kalpana


A stable, adequately pourable guar-gum suspension medium has been developed by using the QbD approach. For this, the QTPP is defined followed by its subset CMA (guar gum and sucrose concentration). The CQA are viscosity and sedimentation volume. The target range for viscosity is 99 - 101.3 cps and sedimentation volume 0.98-1 for preparing the optimized suspension. To achieve this optimization, the central composite design has been opted which would fit well to the quadratic model. The quadratic equations and the ANOVA results are validated. The analysis phase of graphical and numerical optimization suggested that 0.1g of guar-gum and 20g of sucrose can achieve an optimized viscosity and sedimentation volume suspension. This contour plots and surface plots are utilized to check the combined interaction of the variables. The checkpoint analysis reveal appropriate percentage variance, which signify the predictive ability of the developed model and validated the design for an optimum suspension. Further, scale-up and stability studies will verify the projected promising results which may be scaled up for its applications in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.


Central Composite Design; Guar gum; Pharmaceutical suspensions; Optimization; QTPP

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