A simple and fluorescence turn-on recognition of Pb2+ ions involving pyrene-thiadiazole chemosensor probe

Ramu, Andy ; Anbu Durai, Willsingh


In this present work, an exceptionally specific and selective chemosensor (Z)-5-((pyren-1-ylmethylene)amino)-1,3,4thiadiazole-2-thiol (PCAT), has been designed and synthesized via simplest synthetic route. The synthesized probe is successfully portrayed by utilizing 1H, 13C NMR, ESI-MS techniques. The PCAT probe indicates colour changes which can be seen through naked-eye from colourless to pink and fluorescence turn-on response specifically towards Pb2+ ions with the possible contending metal ions. The binding stoichiometric proportion has been found as 1:1 from the Job’s plot investigation. The detection limit for PCAT-Pb2+ ions is found to be 7.15×10-8 M. Besides, the real sample analysis is also done with the collected ecological water samples and has resulted in an excellent recovery percentage.


Environmental water samples; fluorescence turn-on; Naked-eye; Selective; Sensitive

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