Michael addition mediated domino cyclization of hydrazide embedded pyrazolyl derivatives: Biological and its molecular docking examinations

Muniraj, Sarangapani ; Suresh, Ganesan


An easing and efficiently synthesized biologically and pharmacologically active quinolinyl- tethered pyrazoline molecules in the presence of chalcones, have been obtained from condensation of corresponding aldehydes and ketones, through concomitant utilization of aryl hydrazide as useful starting substrates underwent Michael-addition followed by domino cyclization. The final products have been obtained in excellent yields, and they have been well characterized using FTIR, 1H, 13C NMR and mass spectral analyses. Moreover, all the newly synthesized molecules have been examined for the antimicrobial and anticancer activities by MTT assay as well as molecular docking studies.



Anticancer; Chalcone; Domino; Molecular docking; Pyrazoline; Quinoline; Michael-addition; Antimicrobial


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