Extraction, characterization and kinetics of ultrasonic assisted extraction of biooil from Annona squamosa seeds

Gurunathan, Baskar


The current research work investigated the extraction of biooil from custard apple seed (Annona squamosa). The Biooil extraction process has been carried out using the method of ultrasonic-assisted solvent extraction. The process conditions for biooil extraction have been optimized for attaining the maximum yield of biooil. The presence of functional groups and fatty acids in the extracted Annona squamosa seed oil has been analyzed by FT-IR and GC-MS analysis. The predominant compound present in the extracted oil was oleic acid, which is confirmed by GC-MS. The kinetics study results indicated that the biooil extraction process fits very well into first order reaction kinetics. The physicochemical properties of biooil have also been analyzed. The maximum biooil yield of 23% (w/w) from Annona squamosa seed has been achieved under the optimal process conditions with the extraction time of 20 min, temperature of 50°C and hexane to biomass ratio of 3:1 v/w.


Annona squamosa seed oil; Characterization; Optimization; Reaction kinetics; Ultrasonic-assisted extraction

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