Removal of lead (II) ion from industrial wastewater by activated carbon prepared from Vitex negundo using batch adsorption studies

vinoth, M ; Arun kumar, A ; Chandrasekaran, T ; Riaz Ahamed, K


The potential of chemically carbonized Vitex negundo stem (VNC) for the effective removal of lead (II) ion from aqueous solutions has been investigated in batch experiments. The activated carbon prepared from VNC has been modified using the activating agent H2SO4. Lead adsorption significantly depends on the initial concentration of lead (II), pH, adsorbent dosage, particle size, and the effect of temperature. FT-IR used to characterize the functional groups and the powder XRD data elaborated on the active sites predicted in VNC-1. The main structures of activated carbons are amorphous, as expected and predicted. The results indicate that the carbon prepared from VNC-1 activated could be used to effectively adsorb lead (II) ion from aqueous solutions. Further, the optimum conditions for adsorption studies are calculated, and it is concluded that the activated carbon exhibits a good adsorption potential for lead ions.


Adsorption; Batch studies; FT-IR; Lead (II) ions; SEM; XRD

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