In silico analysis of cubebinol for evaluating its efficiency against menacing respiratory ailments

Thiyagarajan, Devasena


Over the recent decade a survey states that the advent of respiratory diseases had took a rapid transmittance and transformation rate. The mortality and the morbidity rates were also exorbitant. Piper cubeba is one of the traditional plant species belongs to Piperacea family, which possess good antibacterial activity. The plant comprise of several phytocomponent one among which is cubebinol, whose specific activities have not been much explored. Hence it is subjected in this research and its antibacterial efficiency is investigated through virtual screening technique. Techniques like Auto dock, Discovery studio, Pymol are evolved in the investigation to know the unknown nature of the phytocomponent by analyzing its binding affinity along with the major respiratory disease causing organism’s macromolecules. Thus it manifests the efficiency and the potency of the plant phytocomponent, which is found to be better than that of the readily available and commercially consumed drug molecules. By both the pharmacokinetic test as well as the docking validation we found that the docked ligand compound cubebinol is a potent drug against several fatal bacterial respiratory diseases.


Cubebinol; Molecular docking; Phytochemical; Piper cubeba; Respiratory diseases

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